How to Write an Analysis Essay

Writing an analytical paper can be a challenging task, especially if you’ve not done it before.  Don’t worry! From learning the definition to step by step writing, you can now take a deep breath and follow these easy steps to help you successfully complete your essay.

But first, what is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay does not merely provide a description and summary. Instead of informing the reader the facts about a situation, an analytical essay demands that examining the information and evaluating it. Simply put, an analytical essay does not ask the when, where and when, it also asks how and why.

3 Easy Steps to Follow when Writing your Analytical Essay

Step 1: Getting started

To write up your analytic essay, first read through the material critically and carefully. This helps you to understand what the author is saying and the reason why. Secondly, be sure that you understand the assignment requirements and what is required of you to complete it.

Simply put, use these tips to get prepared in the pre-writing phase:

  • Read the essay question carefully and ensure that you’re able to differentiate between explain, consider and evaluate
  • Choose a topic and brainstorm ideas around it
  • Highlight the best ideas from the opposing viewpoint
  • Take a stance of the perspective you want to support
  • Develop a working thesis statement
  • Identify the areas to discuss and defend or explain your argument

Step 2: Developing the Analysis

Once you have a working claim or argument, and a list of points need to be discussed to support it, be sure to assess whether the thesis is defensible. Besides, be sure to identify the supporting sentiments and the one detracting from it.

Additionally, use these tips when developing your essay:

  • While there are a couple reasons to support your thesis, be sure to pick only the best
  • Identify the opposing viewpoints and possible reasons for defending them. Ask yourself whether the reasons are compelling and identify the reason why or why not?
  • Refine your thesis statement as diverse interpretations and arguments emerge

Step 3: Structuring the Analytical Essay

There are no hard rules when it comes to structuring an analytical essay. However, be sure to include three essential parts describes below:

  1. Introduction

A well-written introduction for your analytical essay should include the following:

  • Point of interest: why should the reader pay attention to your essay
  • Context: what will your essay talk about? In other words, what the scope
  • Thesis statement of what the essay will show or do
  • Definition of the critical terminologies
  • Brief chronology of the main topics
  • Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraph should support your claim or argument.  Thus, a well-constructed body paragraph should include the following:

  • Topic sentence:  what will the paragraph show or do to support the thesis
  • Evidence supporting the thesis statement
  • Analysis explaining the evidence and what it suggests or means
  • An analysis of how the evidence supports the thesis
  • Conclusion

A well-written conclusion should restate the thesis statement as well as summarize the main points. Besides, it should provide a recommendation or opinion proposing a course of action.

Still, Confused?

Follow these simple steps to complete your essay. But if you still feel overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time, you’ve the freedom to seek additional help from professional essay writers today while you concentrate on other fun activities.

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