How to Start an Essay with a Quote

You need to understand that the success of your essay hedges on how the introduction provides you with an opportunity to convince your instructor to carry on reading the rest. In other words, a quote can be used as a hook to grab the reader’s attention. That’s what makes the writing of an effective introduction quite intimidating.

While many write an essay introduction, the book old trick is to start your essay using a quotation. While many authors have been using this trick for a long, even identifying which quote best suits your essay is no mean fete since some of the quotes should add and not evert the meaning of the essay, further confusing the reader.

Thus, you need to learn how to use it well and learn to intertwine it around the essay’s framework entirely, which goes a long way to hook your readers.

How to Start an Essay with a Quote

Finding the Best Quote for Starting your Essay

The first step toward the incorporation of the perfect quote in your essay is identifying the quote itself.

The best quotes for your essay should come from popular culture, in addition to the social literature that all members of the public are acquainted with.  

For instance, if you’re writing an essay on the unending struggle for women’s rights or feminism, you need to identify your audience first. If you’re writing to a conservative audience, there is no harm in starting your essay using the famous Alice Walker and June Jordan. On the contrary, if you’re writing for a hip audience and Millenials readership, you can use a quote from one of the conscious lyrics of a popular song to appeal to your readership.

Once you have the perfect quote, it time to introduce the quotation appropriately and make elaborations. Quotes should not be standalone since they are too weak whenever used without a clear introduction and further elaboration. When introducing a quote, use introductory phrases, which include naming the source followed by a comma. For instance, you can say, According to Beauttah, “Academic writing is a daunting task”. Alternatively, you can use descriptive verbs among them: Beauttah states, writes, remarks, argue, among others.

Still, Stuck?

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating a quote in your essay can be a challenging task, no matter the level of expertise.

While every author used to apply quotes haphazardly, its application now depends on how masterfully you can do it properly since it does more harm than good to your writing. Start by selecting the perfect quote, then introduce it and make elaborations on the same will create a good essay.

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