Frequently Asked Questions about Topic Sentences

In academic writing, the body of your essay may include more than one paragraph as the essay try to substantiate. One of the critical characteristics of a well-written paragraph is the topic sentence, which binds together the contents of that paragraph as well as ensuring that the discussion flows coherently.  

That’s why every college-level students should know what makes a good topic sentence as you’ll need them in every paragraph.

 If you’re confused and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will get answers to some of the popular questions that students ask from time to time.

4 FAQs about Topic Sentences and their Answer

  1. What is the topic sentence?

It’s essential to think of your topic sentence as a mini or tiny thesis statement for your paragraph.  Besides, it acts as a headline or signpost, alerting the reader of the critical point the paragraph will discuss. This helps the reader avoid confusion while for you, it helps in organizing your easy to flow consistently.

  1. Where Do you Place the Topic Sentence?

Topic sentences are commonly placed at the beginning of the paragraph. A well-crafted topic sentence should make a theoretical point, and the following content of the paragraph evaporates on the point using concrete evidence, facts, and examples.  

Helpful tip: While most academic writing professionals place the topic sentence at the very beginning, it may not be the case, especially if you need to use transitional sentences. Ideally, the topic sentence is placed at the very beginning because reader are likely to read the first 2 to 3 sentences to get the general idea of the paragraph.

  1. What Makes a Good Topic Sentence?

To come up with the best topic sentence, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What going on in the paragraph?
  • What is the reason for including the information you’ve there?
  • What’s the point you’re trying to make?
  • What the importance of this paragraph in the context of the essay?

Remember That:

A good topic sentence should link back to the topic sentence. You can achieve this by incorporating a phrase or keywords from the statement into the topic sentence. However, you don’t need to be too broad or too specific as further discussed below:

  1. How Do you Balance Between a Too Broad and Too Narrow Topic Sentence:

Atopic sentence should neither be too broad nor too narrow because either will provide an ineffective paragraph.  So, how do you strike a balance between a too broad and too narrow topic sentence?

  • Too Narrow Topic Sentences:

If you use facts or quotes to write a topic sentence, it will be too narrow, and you’ll have too little information to discuss. Too narrow topics lack a viewpoint.

  • Too Broad Topic Sentence

You should not write too broad a topic sentence. In this case, you’ll have a problem covering the aspects of a broad thesis statement in a single sentence.  If your topic is too broad, it leads to disorganization and rambling in your writing.

Still Stuck?

You can use the above tutorial to learn and understand what makes a good topic sentence so that you DIY and score the highest grade possible.

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